The Galway Game Hunting Association (GGHA) is the recognised body for game shooting in County Galway. For over 50 years, the GGHA has represented the interests of 59 Gun Clubs and 1,500 members through:

  • Protecting the traditional and legitimate rights of resident hunters and their interests and objectives.
  • Promoting the management and conservation of wildlife and its habitat.
  • Developing an active interest among school children and young adults in the aims and objectives of the Association, particularly in wildlife management.

The GGHA offers its members a range of grant schemes to encourage the creation of game crops, wetlands and the management other habitats (e.g. hedgerows, woodlands and field margins). Grants are currently available to support the control of American Mink and other generalist predators of ground-nesting birds.

The GGHA operates a Club of the Year Competition to stimulate best-practice management at the local level and subsidises the release of pheasant and mallard to augment  wild populations. A number of our Clubs are also involved in the conservation of red grouse populations in County Galway through heather management, predator and disturbance control and awareness-raising.